ACPQ Services

Labour relations

The Association des conseillers et professionnels du Québec (ACPQ) is an association representing non-unionized, but unionizable employees working in the Quebec Health and Social Services sector. Our team of lawyers and specialized consultants is available to provide advice, support and legal representation to members regarding working conditions, pay, benefits, insurance and/or pension plans. 

We are the only association with the knowledge and specialized legal expertise to meet the needs of this unique group of employees.


Through regular news updates and our newsletter Le Rapporteur (available in French only) the team at the ACPQ keeps you informed and up-to-date on your working conditions, pay, benefits and insurance and pension plans. 

We are also an essential link between you and the Ministry of Health and Social Services. The ACPQ team is an active participant on various government committees looking at the working conditions of non-unionized, but unionizable employees.


Our labour relations lawyers and consultants are available to meet with you and answer your questions and address your concerns. 
We offer support and advice to help you resolve conflicts with your employer.

In the event a dispute with your employer requires legal intervention, the ACPQ will provide you with a lawyer.

In addition, if while you are on sick leave you encounter problems with your insurance coverage, salary insurance benefits and payments, the ACPQ can help.

Finally, the ACPQ can help you prepare for retirement or answer your questions about your pension plan and benefits.

Throughout your career, the ACPQ is there for you. 

Some of the most common issues and questions we've helped members resolve include:

  • You're on medical leave and would like to know about medical insurance.
  • You've suffered a workplace accident and want information about compensatation.
  • You want an unpaid leave of absence to study or for a parental leave or compassionate leave.
  • You want information avout your pension plan and retirement funds.
  • You have an employer or employee who is harassing or bullying you.
  • Your employer wants to suspend or fire you and you need advice.